FST – Fire, Smoke, Toxicity

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AIM Composites Ltd Fire Test facility is UKAS approved for testing materials and constructions to be used in aircraft interiors for the following properties:-

• Flammability • Heat Release Rate (OSU) • Smoke Emission (NBS) • Toxic Gas Emission • Kerosene Burner Seat Cushion Flammability



Testing is performed to the requirements of FAA and EASA airworthiness regulations and to the design requirements of major OEMs.
Flammability to:-

FAR/CS 25.853(a) Appendix F Part I (12 and 60sec vertical, 15 sec horizontal)
FAR/CS 25.855(d) Appendix F Part I (30sec/45deg for cargo bay liners, etc)
FAR/CS 25.1713(c) Appendix F Part I (30sec/60deg for wiring and cable insulation)
Heat Release Rate to – FAR/CS 25.853(d) Appendix F Part IV
Smoke Emission to – FAR/CS 25.853(d) Appendix F Part V
Smoke and Toxic Gas Emission to – Airbus ABD0031 and Boeing D6-51377
Kerosene Burner Seat Cushion testing to – FAR/CS 25.853(c) Appendix F Part II



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